Infinite Compressed Comparisons

Holiday is pleased to present

Infinite Compressed Comparisons

a screening of recent video work by

Salim Bayri
Theodore Darst
Emma Pryde
Collin Leitch
Maximilian Schmoetzer

Organized by
Collin Leitch

Monday, June 25, 2018 | 7:30 PM
2601 Pasadena Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90031


Tricky Francis, Theodore Darst, 2017, video, 5mins.

Rephotographed at such high detail that the physical pixels of the artist’s computer monitor become visible and articulate the digital skin of 3D models culled from an online marketplace, flesh-filled scenes of eros and fantasy are sequenced in rapid succession in the style of the “flicker films” of 1970’s avant garde cinema. A characteristically soaring and longing soundtrack by Darst’s frequent collaborator Kevin Carey drives forward a video about images of desire and desire for images.

Adil Klimini Series, Salim Bayri, 2017, video, 4mins.

The video’s titular character Adil Kilimini, named for a Moroccan idiom referring to posh well-raised kids, appears at times calmly sitting in endless fields, other times drunk on the steps of a mosque, entertaining a series of hallucinations brought on by viral videos circulated through WhatsApp. In his succumbing to random violent outbursts only to shortly return to texting, or contemplating his relationship to the looming camera of 3D animation workspaces, Kilimini becomes a kind of Buster Keaton figure for the smartphone era.

Way Out West, Emma Pryde, 2018, video, 6mins.

Made to accompany music by Sage Caswell, and drawing in the Pryde’s sculptures and costumes via composi footage, ay Out West charts the spiritual journey beyond death of one River Phoenix.

Leon 2: Season Unending, Collin Leitch, 2018, video, 10mins.

Small background details of fantasy video games are filmed off the screen and processed via prosumer color-correction presets to form a kind of hybrid landscape film that brushes up against travel photography and the echoes of TCM flicks. Part climate fiction, part ambi nt war film, eason Unending charts the tidying up of emotional loose ends at the close of an imagined future conflict.

Preliminary Materials for 2022, Maximilian Schmoetzer, 2016, video, 9mins.

Austrian BASE jumper Felix Baumgartner’s 24-mile energy drink sponsored freefall from the earth’s stratosphere becomes the central metaphor for a planet on the precipice of the unknown. A reentry vehicle clad in limited edition Foamposites checks out a new luxury condo while a dinosaur conjures the memory of another object which fell to earth and forever changed the destiny of cold-blooded megafauna. These “characters” are brought to life with sophisticated motion graphics and virtual product maquettes rendered with such a high level of polish that they could easily pass for creative work done for Nike or Redbull--two of the brand identities leveraged toward Schmoetzer’s vision of the near-future. reliminary Materials is a story about uncertainty and the possibility of planetary extinction.